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So today I attended an anti-trump demonstration which started outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square and slowly proceeded to Whitehall and outside Downing Street, where British Prime Minister Theresa May currently resides at 10 Downing Street  Once there some leaders of various organisations gave a speech and there was also a video message from

Once there some leaders of various organisations gave a speech and there was also a video message from Jeremy Corbyn who is the leader of the Labour Party

One part of the demonstration was about the usual anti-Trump rhetorics full of words ending in either ‘ism’ or ‘phobia’. Demanding Theresa May withdraw her invitation to President Donald Trump of a State visit to the UK due to his Executive Order of a 90 restriction of seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US. Which many Muslim organisations have dubbed this temporary travel restriction a ‘Muslim Ban’, they never mention the fact that there are over 48 countries that have a Muslim majority.

Six countries are part of a group of 16 Muslim majority countries that ban anyone with an Israeli passport entry. The State of Israel is the only State with a Jewish majority, is this now a ‘Jewish ban’?

A number of groups came together to organise the demonstration – Stop the War Coalition, Stand Up to Racism, Unite against Fascism, Muslim Association of Britain, MEND -Muslim Engagement and Development, the Muslim Council of Britain, CND, Friends of Al-Aqsa, The People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

One media source estimated 11,000 people attended, the lefty Independent estimated tens of thousands. Being there myself it is my opinion there were less than 5,000 people in attendance today.

The Second Part of the demonstration, which I know the mainstream media will not report on,  was an Israel-bashing exercise as well as a rallying call for people to protest the State visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the UK which takes place on the Monday 6th February

Outside American embassy in Grosvenor Square, the usual chants started and then I heard a chant “All the walls have got to go, From palestine to Mexico”.

Next, I saw this sign

Jews for Justice in Palestine at not so anti-Trump protest

I then bumped into a couple of people claiming to be Jewish, holding this sign

Anti-Zionists at not so anti-Trump protest in London

Now, this must be the UK Chapter all two of them the website for the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network on the banner is actually wrong. Maybe the two members present have got their religion wrong as well.

Then I notice this lady

Anti-Trump and Anti-Israel protester




At this point, I start asking myself, am I really at an anti-Trump protest or is this an anti-Isreal protest?

So on the move, we go heading for Whitehall and I notice this sign

Free Speech on Israel banner at not so anti-Trump protest


Look who is holding one side of the banner

Jackie Walker holding anti-Zionist sign at not so anti-Trump protest

For those that do not know Jackie Walker, she lost her role as vice-chair but remains on steering committee ‘Momemtum‘ after suspension from the Labour Party over her anti-Semitic remarks. See story here

Arriving at Whitehall, where we were met with a big stage and video screen and several speakers from various organisations gave a speech


David Rosenberg Jewish Socialist Group at not so anti-Trump protest

Meet David Rosenberg of the Jewish Socialist Group, an anti-Israel group that claims to represent the Jewish community and is aligned with the Labour Party. During his speech, he called PM Benjamin Netanyahu the “Butcher of the Palestinian people” and urged the people present today to protest on Monday 6th February against the Israeli PM visit.


Ismail Patel at not so anti-Trump protest

Ismail Patel founder of the group Friends of Al-Aqsa another anti-Israel organisation, during his speech he said that “A dangerous triangle is emerging between Washington, Tel Aviv and the UK”. He also urged the people present today to protest on Monday 6th February against the Israeli PM visit.

Amongst signs this group was handing out they were also handing out Palestinian flags as seen below

Palestinian flags that were handed out at not so anti-Trump protest

Was I at an anti-Trump rally?

I will leave it to yourselves to answer that question

The anti-Fascist organisation known as ANTIFA made a quick entrance and exit today at not so anti-Trump protest today

ANTIFA being chased by police at not so anti-Trump protest


Gays for Muslims at not so anti-Trump protest

Maybe this protestor does not know the penalty for being gay in a Muslim majority country











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Across the United States there were demonstrations in solidarity with the ‘Womans March’ as well as in the UK and as far as Australia.

So what was the ‘Womans March’ all about ?

To be honest not what most people think

So many organisations demonstrated ‘in solidarity’ with the ‘Womans March’, for example Trade Unions, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, etc. Upon close examination  it was a mass gathering for all of the small groups to converge into mass groups. A s there were in all in competition with each other to be seen and to be heard.

What was it about ?

Some stated Gender equality, some stated an anti Trump organisation but there is a hidden dimension to it all

Let us look as some that took part, Trade Unions, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink. They are all anti Trump, Pro Gender Equality, the list goes on but they are all anti Israel.

The ‘Womans March’ has George Soros written all over it. So lets take a closer look at the people behind the ‘Womans March’. In particular Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour is co-chair and organiser of the Womans March in DC



Linda Sarsour along for the ride with Black Lives Matter


Linda Sarsour describes herself as a palestinian american, was born in USA and has a notable Brooklyn accent.

Being ‘true’ to her ‘palestinian roots’ Linda Sarsour runs the  Arab-American Association of New York, as the Executive Director, which is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organisation. Please note ‘Arab-American’ and not ‘Palestinian American’. Oddly enough the people now known as palestinians were described as Arabs up until the 1960’s and the formation of the PLO.

Last year it was revealed that a cry for ‘Women for Trump to be raped’, came from Linda’s non profit organisation which in turn cost the non profit dearly, to the tune of $6 million over a 5 year spread from the city of New York as reported here

Do not worry, there are more free tax dollars at large for Linda Sarsour

In April 2016 the New York Post reported “City First Lady Chirlane McCray is handing over more than $500,000 to an Arab-American activist who came under fire for denouncing critics on Twitter as “Zionist trolls.”. That is right $500k of the tax payers money going straight into Linda’s bank account.

Here we have a picture of Linda Sarsour traveling to and from ‘meetings’ in a chauffeur driven limousine.

Linda Sarsour, the activist that knows how to ride in style in her chauffeur driven limousine

Linda Sarsour, the activist that knows how to ride in style

I wonder if she turns up to demonstrations / protests in her chauffeur limousine ?

Linda Sarsour makes no secret about her contempt for the State of Israel. In a blog in 2014 she writes about the tragic deaths of Israeli teenagers Naftali. Eyal. Gilad and turns their deaths into a sympathy plea for the ‘palestinian cause’. Which can be seen here

Linda attended and spoke at the 15th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America.

While there, she posed for a picture with Salah Sarsour, a member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee and former Hamas operative who was jailed in Israel in the 1990s because of his alleged work for the terrorist group. Please note they do share the same surname

Salah Sarsour (Former jailed HAMAS operative H(left) with Linda Sarsour (right)

Salah Sarsour (Former jailed HAMAS operative H(left) with Linda Sarsour (right)

In Febuary 2015, Linda Sarsour hit the headlines and appeared on american television  shows as she was advocating for Sharia Law (Islamic religious law) to be recognised and become part of the American way of life.


Lets take a look at Linda Sarsour’s Twitter Timeline to see the success of Saturdays Womans March shall we

Muslim sisters at Womans March

Muslim sisters at Womans March

linda sarsour womans march muslim march



Mariam Veiszadeh sydney womans march

Mariam Veiszadeh at Sydney, Australia Womans March


Faiza N. Ali, SJW, from Brooklyn

Faiza N. Ali, SJW, from Brooklyn

Muslims and BLM united for Womans March

Muslims and BLM united for Womans March

Saturday’s Womans March has George Soros written all over it, he attempted to advance the muslim cause through the hate group Black Lives Matter and he will keep on finding other paths to do so

You can now answer this question. Why is Linda Sarsaur a full-time ‘activist’ ?


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After Donald Trump was inaugurated the 45th President of the United States of America. The USA experienced widespread protests in cities across the country.

Particularly in the city of San Francisco where there were multiple protests. Against any organisation it was claimed that was doing any business with any organisation associated with Donald Trump.

Now for some unknown reason an unknown  group of people protested outside of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco.

#J20 protest Israeli Consulate in San Francisco

The picture states two things that we find incredible

  1. ‘We are here as Jews’
  2. ‘#JewishResistance’


In the past certain american leftist ‘Jewish’ groups have been found to be ‘not so Jewish’, as in the fact multiple members of the organisations were not even ‘Jewish’.

Just to be clear on the subject having Jewish heritage does not make you Jewish

When Jews use the expression ‘#JewishResistance’, this refers to the Holocaust years and the uprising of the Jewish resistance fighters that bravely fought against the Nazis, for example, the Warsaw Ghetto .

Let us look at some more pictures of these unknown ‘Jews’ and their ‘resistance’.

The ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Libel is as ridiculous, as implying your Jewish when you are not. I am also sure that these leftist liberals would know nothing about an actual ‘Jewish Resistance’, unless it was a ‘sit-in’.

#J20 outside Israeli Consulate, San Francisco

There we have it, sat on a bucket holding a placard which states ‘Jews Against Capitalism;. Looks more like an re-enactment of the nursery rhyme ‘Little Miss Muffet‘.

#J20 protesters outside Israeli Consulate, San Francisco

Jews resist ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Fascism’, please note there is no sign that expresses concern or worry over anti Semitism as this quite clearly would diminish their rhetoric

As far as a ‘resistance’, the only resistance i see, is a resistance not to fall asleep

There is a clear explanation for this and it is quite simple, they protesters are not Jewish. Small groups of people just targeted different places in San Francisco, move along nothing to see here.




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Unfortunately for anti-Semite Tadhg Morris, picked on the wrong twitter account to bully and abuse. For some strange reason, he actually picked on our Twitter profile.

Although he may seem an educated man and has achieved a lot academically, We found his online CV, which lists all of his honors and awards

For some strange reason he uses twitter to vent out his rage and he is unable to no longer suppress his anti-Semitism.

A quick review of his twitter account reveals that he is anti-Zionist, he targets any Twitter user that tweets anything that can be considered Pro-Zionist / Pro Isreal

For some reason, this so called “educated man”, thinks that he can hurl abuse at Jews online, get away with anti-Semitic abuse all in the name of being “anti-Zionist”.


According to his LinkedIn page and he does describe himself as a course instructor

The University of Toronto  have decided not to reply to us as of yet

Is this really how any employee of any academic institution should be conducting themselves?

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