How pro Palestinian groups are trying to creep into British Schools



We first noticed an event featured on the website of the Palestinian Forum in Britain group, pictured below


It actually stated that this event was to take place in Oakington Manor Primary School which facilitates children from ages 5 to 11 years old.

When I first contacted the school about this I received a brief email from the school, which was supposed to clarify everything. Please see picture below

So some charity had hired the school grounds but looking at the Palestinian Forum in Britains website and FB Page, a different story is told.

We replied to the school via email furnishing them with not just the above screenshots but also pointing out that the PFB supports convicted terrorists as well as in the past have attempted to bring hate speakers to the UK for an Israeli ‘Hate Fest’ see here for that story.

The reply we received back from the School, simply stated that the school had canceled the event and thanking me for my input.

What has been learned from this, is that pro Palestinian organisations will use registered charities as a ‘front’, or to sneak in the back door, withholding their true agenda.

Another question would be, where would the money go that has been raised by a so-called ‘charitable event’?

The answer we would give would be to finance other ‘Israeli hate’ events.






May 31st, 2017 by